Cosmo and hotpants

Cosmo does its bit to ensure that the spring of 2004 will be sartorially eye-popping in cities across the People's Republic. Check out the cover of the January issue:


The covergirl is Croatian model Korina Longin. The coverlines are:

6 women who changed the world

Cosmo Man
- The monthly that men must have!

Man We Love
Chen Renbiao: a good man

His point of View
Explaining his behavior on the phone

All about Man
Uncovering the secrets behind mens' eyes

Marrying a Hollywood dish: Ryan Philippe

Reese Witherspoon
Medium level beauty High level wisdom

New movement

If your dream could be realized

10 sexy makeup tricks

Perfect New Year's party dress

Coming and going, not sensitive

The love of gloves

My 48 hours in the Sahara desert

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