Doggy style in Guangzhou

Marie Claire's China's November lead story is 'Diary of a SARS vaccination experiment'.


Another prominent coverline is 'Mu Zi Mei -- sex, the city, and the private diaries'. This is Mu Zi Mei:


She is a twenty something journalist who lives in Guangzhou and writes a sex column for City Pictorial magazine ('chengshi huabao'). She has become notorious since June this year when she started an online diary describing her encounters with a variety of men. The post that caused all the fuss was a description of a rather hurried assignation outside a bar with experimental rock musician Wang Lei. The juicy part of the post describes her lifting up her skirt to do it 'dogy style' (sic).

"It was over quickly. Wang Lei said the environment isn't good. There's no music. I said, Wang Lei, you're not so hot yourself. Whatever. We get as far as we go."

Mu Zi Mei's post is archived here and here.

The cover girl of Marie Claire China November issue is Shaniya Tangen (Shania Twain).

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