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The TRENDS magazine group (shishang zazhishe) publishes more than a dozen magazines and somehow gets away with running many of them on the same publication licence. You need a licence to publish periodicals and books in China, and they are not easy to get. But the Press and Publications Bureau probably doesn't care about TRENDS contravening the spirit of the regulations, since there isn't a lot of actual content in most of their magazines.

This is the January issue of China's Esquire, which is also known as 'shishang xiansheng fengcai' (that's 'Trend Mister Elegance' to you buddy).


Note the tiny little 'Esquire' to the right of the large 'shishang' characters. That is part of the farce of publishing foreign titles in China: sometimes you have to pretend that you are not actually publishing a foreign title. The cover couple are Olympic gymnast Li Donghua and his Swiss wife Esperanza Friedli, whom he met when she asked for directions while touring Beijing. Li performs on the Swiss team in international gymnastics competitions.

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