Fatal wealth


Sanlian Life Weekly's June 14 issue focuses on an aspect of China's economic boom that doesn't receive much coverage in the Western media: crimes against the rich. From kidnapping to theft to murder, it ain't always easy being rich in China. The coverline is:

Zhou Yinan massacre: dangerous wealth.

Zhou was a highly successful advertising man with a low profile. He started his career in CCTV's advertising department, handling media placement for the highly profitable annual CCTV Chinese New Year extravaganza. Then he moved to Hong Kong to become vice president of Phoenix TV. A few years ago, he left Phoenix to start his own advertising company in Shenzhen.

Zhou, his entire family, and an employee were murdered by housebreaking thieves who stole money, credit cards and valuable objects.

The Sanlian Life Weekly story concludes with worries about the problem of the huge inequalities of wealth in China.

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