Forbes and fame

Forbes China has become famous in the last few years because of its annual list of the country's 100 richest people. In the last month, the magazine has been generating a buzz for a new list: China's 100 most influential celebrities.

The celebrities are ranked according to a number of factors, including income and number of media reports, TV interview appearances and magazine covers.

Basketball darling Yao Ming is number one.


The rest of the top ten are:
2. Zhang Ziyi - actress
3. Zhao Wei - actress
4. Wang Fei - pop singer
5. Gong Li - actress
6. Zhang Yimou - director
7. Zhou Xun - actress
8. Leon Lai (Li Ming) - actor and singer
9. Sun Nan - singer
10. Jet Li (Li Lianjie) - actor

The Forbes list then became the cover story of Sanlian Life Weekly (sanlian shenghuo zhoukan).


That's Zhang Ziyi on the cover. The large coverline can be translated as: Forbes celebrity list: it's just show business.

The small coverlines are:
- How to rescue you, AIDS orphans
- People caused the coal mine explosion in Lingshi, Shanxi

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