Gay and straight lad mags in China


Fresh on the newstands: China's best lad magazines, one gay and one straight.

On the left is FHM China's January issue. The cover girl is actress Li Bingbing, star of World Without Thieves (tianxi wu zei), currently showing in Chinese cinemas. The content of this issue is rather tame compared the FHM China's recent Pamela Anderson special (on Danwei here).


On the other end of the sexual spectrum is gay mag Menbox whose slogan is "Caring for and loving men every day" (guan'ai nanren de mei yi tian). Menbox has not been published regularly for the last few months and the latest issue does not have a date on the cover. It does however feature some kind of endorsement from the state-owned Central People's Radio Station, and a little line of text saying that the magazine is official reading matter on Air China flights.


This image is a photo from the 'male body art' supplement that graces each issue of Menbox.


This image is an advert from the little shopping guide that also comes with each issue. This ad is for Chinese sex toy portal and includes a coupon giving a RMB 20 discount on the purchase of "SM leather goods".

The publishing authority behind Menbox is the Academy of Social Sciences. Menbox is online here. You can find previous Danwei reports about Menbox here.

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