Gay mags get it on; FHM gets tame


Danwei sources report that the Press and Publications Bureau gave FHM China a warning after the publication of their November issue which featured Pamela Anderson on the cover (on Danwei here. Tameness swiftly ensued in the January issue (on Danwei here).

FHM's February issue continues the tameness, with a very cautious cover image of actress Zhou Xun, who has been the flavor of too many months in the last few years.

When oh when will Maxim China launch to provide some competition to this poor excuse for FHM?


On the other hand, steam is rising from the gay section of the nation's magazine racks. Not only is front runner Menbox out with a new issue, pictured left, but there is now a new competitor for the pink magazine dollar.


This is Men's Style, produced by Beijing Life Unlimited Culture Company (北京生活无限文化有限公司) under the supervision of the Shanxi Province Film Company (山西省电影公司) . The publisher is Movie and TV Circle Magazine (影视圈杂志社).

Men's Style has copied the Menbox formula, right down to the inclusion of a "men's body art" supplement.


Men's Style is giving Menbox a run for its money. On the left is a fairly representative image from the body art supplement.

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