Is Menbox truly gay?

There is some debate going on at a weblog called Pure Essence about whether Menbox is really a gay magazine. Here are the covers and supplements from four previous issues of Menbox.





Well, that's it then; there's a picture of a woman in a bikini emerging from a cake, so Menbox must be aimed at heterosexual men.

Thanks to Oriental Media Net for the scans. You can buy Menbox from them if you live in China; their website is here. You can find the debate on the gayness of Menbox at Pure Essence here. An earlier Danwei posting on Menbox here.

UPDATE: The 'Is it gay?' debate has been more vigorous at Peking Duck, here. A visit to Menbox's website (here) will only add to the confusion: straight, gay, or just about cars? And if you want some more oddness, take a look at a website that seems have something to do with Menbox: Underwear Cool or Neicool, which you can find here. Scroll down a little for some rather alarming underwear.

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