Pulp magazines in August

Bosom Friend, August 2007

Bosom Friend (知音) is a high-circulation, mass-market magazine that covers celebrity gossip, social news, and sentimental stories.

Here are a few cover teasers:
• What's Zhang Ziyi's next step after separating with Huo Qishan?
• Bloody crime at midnight: "Big brother" uses a neighbor girl's QQ number
• Prostitute leaves her "bastard daughter" in alleyway; boyfriend gives the girl a warm home

Family, August 2007

Family (家庭) is similar to Bosom Friend, but with a greater emphasis on family and marriage (to the extent that last year, the editor personally commissioned a piece that attacked her husband's lover for destroying her home).

Cover teasers:
• Heart transplant operation lasts 5 days and 4 nights
• "Ghost husband" in real life
• 700 families cheated by illegal real estate agency
• Father give hush money to son to cover up immoral affairs

Duzhe August, 2007

Duzhe (读者), is a general interest magazine similar to Reader's Digest - in fact, it went by the name "Reader's Digest" in both English and Chinese (读者文摘) until 1993 when it was sued by the American publisher.

Duzhe is especially popular among Chinese teenagers. The content includes original articles, joke collections, short stories, and notable quotes. Much of the content is suggested by readers, who are then compensated for their recommendations. The magazine comes out twice a month, and in addition to the main publication there are two additional versions that launched recently: an edition focusing on rural life, and an "original composition" edition that features first-run articles.

The issue for the first half of August features republished pieces by famous names like Chen Danqing, Lung Ying-tai, Annie Baobei, Wang Meng, and Shu Ting.

Last week, Danwei did a round-up of this month's glossy magazines.

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