Menbox: they've got balls


China's only openly gay magazine, Menbox, is still going strong,as you can see from this photo from the May issue.

The magazine now comes in three parts: the main section which sort of masquerades as a men's fashion rag, containing advertisements from Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein and even FUBU.

Then there is the special photography supplement, from where this boy and his ball were scanned. The third piece is a pocket sized booklet, which contains recruitment advertisements for editors and designers for Menbox.The ads all specify that single men and women are the ideal candidates.


The cover is on the right. The coverlines (in red) are:

Yuan Bin: Sexy, noble and trendy

9 major cities: a survey of glamorous men

Skinny dipping in summer

Menbox is published under the auspices of the influential government-funded Institute of Social Sciences (she ke yuan).

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