Glossy magazines and their swimsuit supplements

This is a monthly roundup of a number of popular glossy magazines in the Chinese market.

Esquire and its swimsuit supplement, August 2007
The Chinese edition of Esquire is 时尚先生 ("Mr. Trends"). The latest issue features Hong Kong movie star Anthony Wong and Super Girl winner Li Yuchun on the cover. Other stories include how to build a home theater, credit card tips, and some heath advice.

A 60-page swimsuit issue comes as a supplement. The girls inside are not professional models; their email addresses are included alongside their photos if you want to get in touch with them for any reason.

Trends Health and its swimsuit supplement, August 2007
The August issue of Trends Health (时尚健康) profiles popular Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. This magazine is geared toward women; its swimsuit supplement is slightly more conservative than Esquire's.

This month's issue also features actor Tong Dawei.

Cosmopolitan and Vogue, August 2007
The Chinese edition of Cosmopolitan is fat: the August issue is 456 pages long. 118 of those pages are advertisements, and about half of the remaining pages are advertorial.

This issue has movie star Gong Li on the cover. Other top stories include a list of crazy faddish people, an interview with Sex and the City screenwriter Liz Tuccilo, and five women's pilgrim travel journal.

Leading fashion magazine Vogue (服饰与美容) gets a jump on the next fashion season with "light autumn and winter" as the coverline.

Ray Li and FHM, August 2007
Ray Li (瑞丽服饰美容) is a fashion magazine that caters to young women in their twenties and thirties. It publishes under a licensing agreement with Japanese publisher Shufunomoto. In the August issue, readers learn how to dress like a superstar.

FHM (男人装) claims that August 3rd is Men's Day (reversing March 8th, Women's Day). The four men on the cover are musician Zhang Yadong, actor Deng Chao, supermodel Zhang Xinzhe (who shares a name with the popular singer from Taiwan), and former CCTV host Huang Jianxiang.

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