Mu Zi Mei mediafest

Editors are loving Mu Zi Mei, whose kiss and tell exploits were previously described on danwei. Here she is again in the Beijing Morning Post.


One of the articles on the page asks the question 'Is it legal?'

"Having a one night stand is not illegal in China, but citizens privacy is protected by the law... Using the mens' real names could get her into trouble."

Cosmopolitan joins the pack, with the coverline 'Mu Zi Mei's online sex diary'. In true Cosmo tradition, the article inside the magazine is completely free of original reporting.


Here is a Chinese-language posting from a Guangdong blogger named topku. His post includes links to most of the stuff on the Internet about Mu Zi Mei, and complaints that the Mu Zi Mei mediafest has resulted in the closing of, which hosted Ms Mu's diary.

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