Plastic babe Yang Yuan; flat chested beauty Sammi; Sex and the City will not die


The Beijing Youth Weekly is outdoing itself in its headlong rush to become Beijing's uber-tabloid. Not only does each week's issue come in two parts, one called 'OK' and one called 'Hello', but the content is hitting the trash-pulp button right on the head.

This week's issue features pop singer Sammi (Zeng Xiuwen) the "flat-chested queen" on the cover. There is more pulp reporting about her on Danwei here.

Inside the weekly, an admiring article about Alan Greenspan competes for readers' attention with this:


It's a fashion spread featuring Yang Yuan, our favorite plastic surgery babe, whom you can find out more about on Danwei here.

Last week's Beijing Youth Weekly feaured yet another fashion spread themed on Sex and the City. When will Beijing journalists tire of the Manhattan foursome?

Check it out: the Beijing equivalent of Manhattan's finest:


Here is 'Samantha':


Groovy baby.

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