Sanlian Life Weekly cover girl: Niu Niu, with her dodgy movie


Sanlian Life Weekly puts the Niu Niu scandal on the cover of its November 15 issue with the coverline "The Vice-secretary's daughter and her movie".

Niu Niu is the daughter of Shenzhen Municipal Commitee Vice-secretary Li Yizhen. Li apparently got his buddies in the Shenzhen Education Ministry to pressure schools to force their students to see the movie, at a cost of RMB 20 per ticket, because of its "educational" value. Citizens were not amused, letters of protest were published on bulletin boards. Li was made to apologise, although denied asking officials to force school children to see the film.

There's more on the scandal at China Digital News, Yellow Frog, and China Herald. The China Daily also has a story about the case here.

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