September glossy magazine round-up

September 2007

Self is owned by Condé Nast Publications. Launched in March this year with a smart advertising campaign and competitive price (at fifteen yuan, it's five yuan cheaper than other glossy magazines), it has already achieved considerable market share according to industry gossip.

The September issue's cover features Scarlett Johansson, who is starring in Woody Allan's new movie, and has signed with Louis Vuitton as a celebrity endorser for bags for the 2007-08 season.

The coverline of this issue is about a series of interviews with successful women, including Zhang Ziyi, Shu Qi, Chen Wenqian, Hu Mei, and Zhang Aijia. Other coverlines mention top 10 ten things that men don't like, 30 health tips doctors don't tell you, and new fashion trends for autumn and winter.

The vacation supplement
September 2007

This is the third time actress Zhao Wei has been on Cosmopolitan's cover.

The big coverline is about the "hottest topic in the world"; environmental protection for the soul. Uh, yeah.

There is a supplement about vacations which lists seven "most in" ways of taking a holiday, a list of outlet stores worldwide. The cover girl on the supplement is Huang Yi.

September 2007
Ray Li Fashion Pioneer
September 2007

Ray Li Fashion Pioneer is a sub-brand of Ray Li magazine aimed urban twenty-somethings. This issue has articles about autumn fashions, style tips, new denim jeans gallery etc.

FHM's September issue cover girl is Wang Haizhen, who seems completely unconnected with the small coverline 'The sexy imagination of the Huangdi Wai Jing (黄帝外经)' which is an ancient Chinese medical text. The only connection between the magazine and the traditional text is the yellow bikini of the cover girl and the fact that 'Huang' of the book title (黄) means yellow in Chinese. Other coverlines include stories about sperm donation, why earth is a horrible planet, and a list of 100 ultimate websites.

September 2007
The supplement

Vogue's latest cover shows four Chinese super models, who are becoming more and more popular on the international catwalk.

The supplement features a collection of luxury watches and jewelery.

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