Sex, money and the environment

Today's news: sex, fraud and endangered animals
A roundup of today's print media

Sex Management
The cover story of the last issue of New Weekly surveys the state of sex in China. The feature includes information about sex-related problems, and interviews with some young people and the famous sexologist, Li Yinhe(李银河). There are also some supplementary articles about topics like sex and the World Cup, sex and disease, and condom advertisements in China.

7.1 billion social security funds
Today's Beijing News reports that an audit published Thursday found that more than 7 billion yuan (about 900 million U.S. dollars) of China's two trillion yuan social security funds had been misappropriated. According to the National Audit Office, the funds were siphoned off for "overseas investment, commercial loans to companies, construction of government buildings and other purposes."

Rare animals' life in Yangzi River
This week's cover of San Lian Life Week focuses on how to prevent these animals from dying out, and the efforts the government has made. Environmental issues are cropping up in the media more and more frequently.

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