Speak to the peasants!

The Beijing Youth Daily's headline this morning: "PRIME MINISTER SEEKS WAGES FOR PEASANT" referring to Wen Jiabao's concern about a peasant who had been treated unfairly by the local government. The article is subheaded: "Wen Jiabao tells cadres: If you sit in your office all day and don't go visit the peasants and sit with them in their homes, how will you know what their problems are?"

The article reports on Wen Jiabao's tour around the Three Gorge area where residents are being forced to relocate to make way for the Three Gorges dam.

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- 温家宝在三峡库区考察时走访三峡移民,在得知一位农妇家里被县城包工头拖欠2000多元工钱时非常关注
- 温家宝对干部说,“天天坐在办公室里,不到农民家里看一看、坐一坐,怎么能知道农民的困难呢?

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