Sweet secrets: a Reader's Digest of Sex

Cover girl: Hong Kong popstar Gigi Leung
Home Psychology Doctor-Sweet and Sweet is a tabloid magazine with plenty of sexual innuendo. On the first page alone this magazine introduces readers to three R rated films, Romance, Edades de Lulú, Las, and Jan Dara. Then there are columns with impressive names like "Colored Story," "Men Up Women Down," "Portrait of Passion," and so forth. But this is no porn magazine, though pratically all of the contents concern sex and male-female interaction.

The most interesting is that your correspondent was unable to find any information about this magazine; a search for its publication license, or kanhao (刊号), on Gotoread pulls up nothing, and the magazine itself only carries an ISSN. In all probability this an illegal publication. All we are given is a note that it is sponsored by the Xi'an Physical and Psychological Medical Institute, with a mailbox for a contact address, Xi'an #118.

Some teasers from the cover, in translation:

· Reduce weight with grapes
· The private man on the bed
· Find the style of your sexual love
· Girl, can you live with a man whole life without marriage?

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I'm skeptical of the potential market for such a mag in China. Statistics show that something like 50% of Chinese women lack adequate sexual desires. I think a mag about shopping or something will be much more popular among Chinese women.

BTW, the translation for the second "teaser" should be "pirate" men in bed, according to the mag cover picture.

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