The dreams of 29 Chinese people

The New Year's Day issue of New Weekly (xin zhoukan):


The coverline is: 'I see in my dreams - survey of the dreams of 29 Chinese people'. The magazine's editors asked 29 different people around China to draw a scene from their dreams and describe it. The dreamers include musician Dou Wei, security guard Wang Zhiyuan, actress Sun Li, construction worker Wang Maojun, Glenfiddich's China rep Cao Hua, Face Club DJ Xiao Fang, and model Guan Qi.

New Weekly is in fact fortnightly. Each issue has one major feature story which is on the cover, and usually involves a survey of people all over China. The magazine is produced by Xinrui 2000, which is owned by and under the auspices of several different companies and Guangdong provincial government organizations. Sun Mian is the publisher, Han Song the editor-in-chief.

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