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Focus (新知客) is a popular science magazine about science, society and human beings. The name and much of the content are licensed from the European magazine of the same name.

The cover story of the current issue is about daily life in the near future, including sections on clothing, dining, housing and transport.

The magazine has been advertising heavily in Beijing's subway and elsewhere. With a cover price of 10 yuan, it's on the cheap side of the glossy magazine market.

It is not too clear what 'future year itch' is supposed to mean.

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Re: "The Seven Year Itch"

1955 Marilyn Monroe movie,

Would be good to dig a bit and tell more about this new magazine to your readers... as everybody knows that there are no new ISSN numbers issued in the PRC nowadays, when there is a new expensive launch, with what could possibly foreign involvement, it is always interesting to know who is behing it... So I just did it for you, right now, and for free, 10,000 miles away from China,...
If you dig a bit into the given site, with the help of Google, the follozing page
gives you the name of the true publisher 天津科学技术出版/天津北洋音像出版社 Tianjin Northern audio publishers, and confirms if need be the ISSN number on the picture of the cover
This site also above all mentions the name of the "new" foreign licensor G+J (i.e. the famous magazine publishing branch of Bertelsmann, aka 古纳亚尔(中国)公司 Gruner & Jahr China)
Then page
and a few other sites tells that the former name corresponding to ISSN 10057056 was apparently previously (to be confirmed) 科学与生活 Science and Life, what would be coherent with the information about Tianjin Northern audio publishers. So it would mean that GAPP accepted to rename the title recently...
For the record, the traditionnal partner of G+J was/still is apparently "China Light Industry Press" (CLIP)
G+J used to be the licensor for 2 or 3 small titles: 车 Chi ( English name curiously shared with 车 (车迷CheMi Car & Fan or Can & Motor ?), 父母FuMu (Parents,, 体线TiXian Fitness (
CLIP is/was above all known as the licensee of Japanese Shufonotomo for (Ray in Japan) 瑞丽RuìLì one of the largest ad money maker in the PRC amongst magazines, thanks to the talents of former and dynamic editor-in-chief Mrs. ZHAO JiQin 赵济清 (who, of what I had heard, tried to leave CLIP in 2005 in order to launch her own business, hoping to get a piece of this lucrative RayLi publishing business, but this buy-out manoeuvre didn't work as planned apparently ? Bureaucrats might prefer large groups deep pockets like G+J apparently ... could that be also related to some "political" investments of Bertelsmann in book distribution in the right places, North East of China as well, who knows ?)

By the way, in doing this research I just found the following interesting piece of PR release
Gruner + Jahr Significantly Enhances Position in China
Hamburg, November 7, 2006
Gruner + Jahr has enhanced its position in China considerably by investing in BODA, a Chinese company based in Peking. The deal includes the merger of the Ray Li titles handled by BODA (four magazines) with the G+J/CLIP portfolio (four magazines). This step opens up the possibility for G+J to further develop the country´s second-biggest magazine portfolio by circulation and revenue... (see more on the site)
So who is BODA ?
In fact there was already a bit more precise non-PR details on the FIPP website

So congratulations to G+J and its Beijing team (is the brilliant sinologist Wolfgang KOHL still there ? if yes congratulations)...
In a time where amateur foreign publishing go-betweens (remember Rolling Stone) try to let us believe that China is closing the door to foreign investors in magazine publishing, these are rather good news, including, on top of this advertising BODA deal, this re-launch/cooperation agreement for Focus (新知客)...
but shuuuut, GAPP, prefers low profile, and G+J is doing very well in this respect (thought they didn't like Bertelsmann, as they told me a few years ago, but G+J is just something else, isn't it ?). Good deals are still there for the tenacious and true professionals. These are news worth telling the world, even possibly a scoop for Danwei, no, much more than just mentioning the name of a magazine ?

cont' of previous comment:

BODA is nothing really new in fact, it's the advertising company for Ruili
and Mrs ZHAO JiQin 赵济清 who developed the Ruili business is the CEO of BODA, but possibly no more in charge of the editioral part and official publisher, which is still within CLIP -which remains off-limits as usual to foreign investors-; BODA is just the advertising side,... where the money is, what is indeed good enough for foreign investors
for the record, thanks to the Dec 2001 WTO agreement, in 2006 foreigners can own up to 100% of an advertising company such as BODA...

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