The spring dreams of China's young writers


The June 21 issue of Sanlian Life Weekly features a cover story about young authors. The coverline is: The literary spring dreams of young men and women. The article introduces six young writers who all participated in Mengya magazine, a literary publication with a history dating back to before 1949.

Mengya runs a highly-respected writing competition called 'New Concept' open high school students. The winner is able to go straight to university without attending entrance examinations.

The Sanlian article divides the six young writers into four categories:


Han Han and Gan Sijia
Beautiful girl
Chun Shu and Zhang Yueran (pictured right)
Jiang Feng and Xiao Fan (Fan Jizu)
Guo Jingming. This 21 year-old's books have sold so well that he was placed in Forbes list of 100 entertainment celebrities. His novel Dream City (huan cheng) has sold more than a million copies.

Mengya's website is here.

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