Han Han: trend leader

Southern People Weekly
November 11, 2007

On the cover of the latest Southern People Weekly is the most popular "post-80s" writer, Han Han. He's a best seller author, a singer, a blogger, and a professional race-car driver. SPW digs deep in this feature report, looking at Han himself, what he represents, and his entire generation's attitudes toward society.

Below are some excerpts from the interview between Han Han and SPW reporter Wu Hongfei.

Southern People Weekly: What do you enjoy best about racing? Is the sense of speed?
Han Han: Probably not. As a driver, I have become numb to the stimulation of speed. Take porn stars - do they enjoy having sex every day? Of course not. It's just a job, that's all. If you drive a race-car occasionally, you may feel good. But sit there all day in the hot weather and your heavy suit, and you won't be able to take it.

SPW: What do you think about money?
Han: When I joined this team, I had no idea how much I'd make. When we settle accounts at year-end, I don't care how much they give me. I have spent about two or three million on this game already, and I've probably come out behind. I've never expected to make money from racing.

I just take care of my own stuff. Even when stocks and funds were hot, I never had any thought to buy ito them. I just do my job.

SPW: People think you are rebellious.
Han: Actually, I'm not at all. What I'm doing is what I like, and people happen to think of these things as rebellion. I'm not, really.

SPW: But you do have a bit of courage.
Han: It's not really courage. I just did what I liked to do. It's very simple. If whenever people do what they like in this country, we call it rebellion, then what would everyone be doing? Would everyone be doing backbreaking labor?

Other stories in this issue:

  • 50 simple things you can do to save the environment;
  • The death of Golden Triangle drug kingpin Khun Sa;
  • Inside the magazine, there's a fascinating photo-essay by Wang Hong, who spent time with the PLA border defense forces in Yunan in 1986.
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