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Vision, January/February 2009

Vision (青年视觉) is a lavishly-illustrated magazine of art, design, culture, and fashion. It's published under the auspices of China Youth Magazine, a publication of the Youth League that dates back to the 20s.

The January/Feburary double issue is a hefty 400 pages (a bit much for the weak binding). The issue's cover feature is a group of articles about life in Tehran, and other topics include Mardi Gras, the LHC, rural life in the Pyrenees, art by Katherine Grosse, an interview with Qin Qi, cool visualizations, and lots and lots of pictures. There's a summary here.

This is the magazine's seventh anniversary issue, and to mark the occasion, it comes with a poster bearing cover images from every issue since its inception.

Cover posters have popped up in a number of other magazines lately. Modern Weekly went all-out for its immense 20th anniversary commemorative issue, Modern Chronicle, and in addition to the Jia Zhangke-directed short film, a history of the last ten years written in classical Chinese by iWenyan, and compositions by writers like Bei Cun and Chen Xiwo, the magazine included a large poster displaying all of its A-section covers since 1998.

New Weekly did the same thing for its year-end roundup, although it's not observing any special anniversary.

Vision covers since 2001
Modern Weekly since 1998
New Weekly covers since 1996

Even young magazines are getting into the act. CBN Weekly has only been around since February, but it printed a two-page spread of covers in its year-end issue:

Almost one year of CBN Weekly covers
China Media Timeline
Major media events over the last three decades
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