Vogue in the winter

More pretties inside
Vogue (服饰与美容) has become the most influential Chinese fashion magazine despite its newness on the market — it only launched in late summer last year.

In the cover feature of the December 2006 issue, super model Gisele wears 10 different kinds of party dresses, in preparation for the Christmas party season.

Other features include a story about 20 new types of mascara, a comprehensive survey of perfume, and a story about how to keep your skin beautiful in the winter.

Finally, there is an article about 'gothic fashion' which mentions Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Marilyn Manson and Jean Paul Gaultier. It's enough to make you retch into your pile of faded NME magazines.

UPDATE (by Jeremy Goldkorn): From the media gossip mill: apparently Vogue editor Angelica Cheung is leaving Vogue to have a baby. Other gossip indicates that the publisher has also recently resigned.

What's up with China's own Condé Nasties? Tips about the recent staffing changes are welcome: send to suggest -at- danwei dot org.

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Comments on Vogue in the winter

Is this information or advertising ?

it's ad. disappointed to find that on danwei.

Oh, it's an ad is it? So what does this sentence mean:

"It's enough to make you retch into your pile of faded NME magazines."

Do you really think an ad would contain a line like that? Perhaps you should read a little more carefully before getting disappointed.

To Jeremy:it's good to know the intention behind to post the latest issue of Vogue. I really didn't grasp the last sentence.

eh, eh,... my previous comment about a recent post by the same author about the "new" magazine Focus was titled "advertorial ?"
Apparently others share that kind of feeling, dear Banyue...

By the way how do you measure that it is "the most influential Chinese fashion magazine" ?! A few figures would be welcome (or Danwei rate cards ?)

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