We both conquer

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Cadillac Escalade and Victorinox ads

These two print advertisements are found in the latest issue of Maxim (风度).

Two totally different products, from different countries, in two completely different sizes, just happened to use the text "Veni, vidi, vici" (我来,我看(见),我征服 ), that famous quotation from Julius Caesar. And the ads are only ten pages apart in the magazine.

This issue also marks the first time that Maxim's Chinese edition has put the English title on the cover. In the past, they only printed a the tiny red "M" logo that was only found on the spine. Unless you looked carefully, you'd have a hard time realizing that 风度 was related to Maxim.


Click on image to see whole front cover. See also: You and I can both use our mobile phones

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Chinese have no creative, just copy foreign produces

who's the model?

her name needs to be added to this list.

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