What an original cover idea!

Three of China best and most popular news magazines use exactly the same photograph to celebrate China's first manned space flight. Pictured below from left to right:

Modern Weekly (zhoumo huabao)
Coverline: From now on, the Chinese people are flying.

Sanlian Life Weekly (sanlian shenghuo zhoukan)
Coverline: Why was Yang Liwei chosen?

News Weekly (xinwen zhoukan)
Coverline: How far away are we from the moon?


Click below on 'Continue reading...' for the Chinese text of the coverlines.

Modern Weekly 周末画报

Sanlian Life Weekly 三联生活周刊
Coverline: 为什么选择扬利伟

News Weekly 新闻周刊
Coverline: 我们离月球还有多远

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