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A turncoat in the Cola Wars


Nicholas Tse has jumped ship. His contract to endorse Coca-Cola expired, and rather than renew it, he switched his allegiance to Pepsi. He makes for a rather unconvincing spokesperson now, having claimed in ads for his former employer that he would always be true to Coke, but Pepsi must be counting on his legions of fans' unquestioning devotion to their idol.

Nicholas leaves Coke's stable of celebrities, which includes girl groups Twins and S.H.E., track star Liu Xiang, and actress Cecilia Cheung. He joins Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Aaron Kwok, F4, and David Beckham at Pepsi. Decide for yourself whether his coolness quotient will rise or fall.

There were signs, of course. Back in 2000 Nicholas was fraternizing with the enemy, in the form of pop princess and Pepsi representative Faye Wong. There was a minor scandal when Nic tossed a Pepsi can at paparazzi when he and Faye were making their getaway. And ever since his run-in with the law in 2002 there have been murmurs that he would leave Coca-Cola when his contract was up.

Who's next? Pepsi may have snapped Nicholas up because one of its stars, Jay Chou, has been photographed drinking a beverage made by President, a Taiwanese company.

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