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Actress He Lin wins Emmy for film nobody has seen

He's got an Emmy

A Chinese actress named He Lin (何琳) was awarded an Emmy last night in New York, as best actress in the International section of the awards.

The award was for her performance in Slave Mother (为奴隶的母亲), a made-for-TV film described as "depicting how women were once viewed as only tools for giving birth and commodities that could be exchanged". A casual survey by Danwei indicated that the film is not widely known, at least amongst audiences in Beijing.

The current president of the International Emmy Awards is Liu Changle, the founder, president and CEO of Phoenix TV. Liu famously started his career as a People's Liberation Army propaganda hack. Phoenix TV is the only privately run satellite TV station with a real footprint in China. It occasionally reports news deemed sensitive by CCTV, which causes titters of excitement in media watching circles.

The major share-holders of Phoenix TV are Liu Changle, The Bank of China and Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

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