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Beijing Media Top Stories: Baghdad bridge stampede, new buses and pocelain pit ...

Beijing Morning Post's cover, features a picture of bridage stampede in Baghdad.

1. More than 965 people were killed and hundreds more injured Wednesday morning when rumors of a suicide bomber provoked a frenzied stampede in a procession of Shiite pilgrims as they crossed a bridge in northern Baghdad;

2. Four color palates were decided for new Beijing bus, and the monthly tickets to be accepted by 350 buses equipped with air-conditioners;

3. About 1 million scraps of broken porcelain, some of which may be up to 800 years old, unearthed recently from an enormous pit in downtown Beijing;

4. A big ceremony was held to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Tibet Autonomous Region, September 1;

5. The funeral of Chinese actor Fu Biao is held today in Babaoshan memorial park.

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