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Beijing Media Top Stories: Hu Jintao and W.; China and Saudi basketball, bombs in Baghdad ...

The cover of Beijing Times features a picture of a basketball match between China and Saudi Arabia.

1. China's President Hu Jintao meets U.S. President George W. Bush in New York during the United Nations General Assembly meeting;

2. China's 'second-string' team overwhelms Saudi Arabia 98-10 in the semi-final of the Asian Men's Basketball Championships;

3. Insurgents launched at least a dozen suicide bombings that ripped through Baghdad in rapid succession on Wednesday, killing almost 150 people in a coordinated assault;

4. Three prime culprits who kidnapped Wu Ruopu, a well-known actor executed (for more about the kidnapping, see the botttom of this
Danwei post from 2004));

5. An accident on Beijing's North Forth Ring Road caused a six-hour-long traffic jam.

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