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Beijing Media Top Stories: Hu-Yok meet, cracked internet and shameless remarks from Japan's minister ...


1. Hu Jintao, general secretary of the Central Committee of the CPC meets with a visiting delegation of the New Party from Taiwan headed by chairman Yok Mu-ming

2. Two hundred thousand broadband internet users in Beijing suffer from 3 hours break of internet connection yesterday afternoon

3. China expresses indignation and strongly condemns the act of a Japanese cabinet member who once again made utterly shameless comments on the "comfort women" issue

4. Beijing Transportation Administration launched 8 rules to convenient citizens. One of them is: the result of enforcing the traffic law without person should be informed to drivers in written form

5. Xinjiang mine blast kills 76

The pictured front page is from Beijing Morning Post. It features a photo of Hu Jintao meeting with Yok Mu-ming in The Great Hall of People.

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