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Beijing Media Top Stories: personal income tax, sexual harassment and Huabiao film awards ...

Beijing Morning Post's cover, features a picture of the awards ceremony of Huabiao.

1. Public hearing planned on personal income tax baseline; (The China's first legislative public hearing to be held on September 27, please visit for signing up if you are interested.)

2. China's legislature passes amendments to the law on women's rights protection, which "prohibits sexual harassment of women" and empowers women to "lodge complaints" to relevant organizations;

3. The awards ceremony for the 11th China Broadcast, Film and TV Huabiao Awards staged in Beijing;
(Huabiao refers to the decorative columns at the front of the Forbidden City. According to the State Administration of Broadcast, Film and Television, a total of 212 films were made in 2004, the total box office revenues amounted to 1.5 billion yuan (US$185 million), increasing by 50 per cent from 2003.

Some of Huabiao awards issued to:

- The Excellent Feature Film: Kekexili: Mountain Patrol《可可西里》; House of Flying Daggers《十面埋伏》etc.
- The Excellent Actor: Pu Cunxin濮存昕 (A Bright Moon《一轮明月》); Wu Jun吴军 (Model Solider Zhang Side《张思德》)
- The Excellent Actress: Zhao Wei赵薇 (Time to Love《情人结》); Zhang Ziyi章子怡(House of Flying Daggers《十面埋伏》)
- The Excellent Director: Lu Chuan陆川 (Kekexili: Mountain Patrol《可可西里》); Yin Li尹力 (Model Solider Zhang Side《张思德》)
- The Excellent Documentary: Hello, Xiaoping《小平,您好》; Three Gorge Forever《千秋三峡》
- The Excellent Dubbed Film: King Authur ; The Interpreter.

Let's give them the warmest applauds:-)

4. Illegal fee from five hospitals including Tong Ren revealed;

5. Four illegal electronic video games banned by The Ministry of Culture.

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