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Beijing Media Top Stories: poverty alleviation, three-legged hermaphrodite baby, Sophie Marceau ...

The Beijing News' cover features a picture of a three-legged baby during surgery

1. At the summit on the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations, Hu Jintao announced China's five-part aid package which includes tariff-free trade, debt relief, preferential credit, as well as medical support and personnel training for less-developed nations;

2. An operation to remove the extra leg from a one-year -old hermaphrodite with three legs succeeded; operations to remove masculine sexual features have already been completed leaving the baby as a girl;

3. French movie star Sophie Marceau attended China's premiere of Anthony Zimmer in Beijing on Thursday;

4. ID card can be verified by SMS (in China you can send an SMS containing a person's name and ID card number to 10695110 (China Mobile) or 9951 (Unicom) — the service will confirm the authenticity of the number. The system is still being rolled out and is not yet available in Beijing, but Shanghai's systme is already operational;

5. China Open tennis match delayed one day by rain.

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