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Beijing Media Top Stories: property fees, share reform and salaries ...


1. Property management fees in residential areas to be approved by public hearing on 5th July

2. Non-tradable share reform to end without third round

3.Salary guidelines issued by the Beijing Labor and Social Security Administration state that average salaries for people working in Beijing should increase by 11% this year

4. Ten types of inappropriate behavior of policemen should be punished (e.g. hitting suspects etc.)

5. An exhibition featuring replica ancient ships opened in The National Museum to mark the 600 year anniversary of Zheng He's naval expedition to India and Atlantic Ocean.

The pictured front page is from The Beijing News. It features a photo of a father holding his son. In order to collect enough money to save the son who suffers from leukemia, the father tried to kill himself so that he can donate his organs to someone who might help his son. Finally the father got rescued, and could not help crying with his son.

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