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Beijing Media Top Stories: Sichuan pork, Yonghe fried dough sticks and 'Final PK' ...

Page A24 fromBeijing Youth Daily, features a picture of super girls attending the launch ceremony of Final PK.

1. Beijing lifts its ban on pork imports from Sichuan province which suffered from pig-born disease a month ago;

2. Excessive aluminum found in the fried dough sticks made by King Yonghe and relevant 9 restaurants;
(Food safety issue is always a hot topic in China, from excessive iodine in Nestle milk power, swine pork in Sichuan, McDonalds and KFC's French fries which might cause cancer... now it is the turn of fried dough sticks)

3. A press conference held in Beijing for top 10 'Super Voice Girls' to launch their first album Final PK;
(Nine super girls including Li Yuchuan, the champion of this year attends the launch ceremony. According to Mei Ka music recording company, also the publisher of Final PK, they have already received order forms for more than 650,000 copies of the album, the actual sales expected to over 1 million copies.)

4. Beijing stops accepting the applications for second generation ID cards temporarily;

5. North Korea delays resuming talks on ending nuclear programs.

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