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Beijing Media Top Stories:'Super Girls', sex ratio and non-subsidised housing ...

Beijing Youth Daily's cover features a picture of the previous 'Super Girls' judges Hei Nan (left) and Ke Yimin (right) in Sina chat room

1. Hei Nan, a composer and judge for 'Super Voice Girls', decides to quit the judge group for the finals this Friday;
("They ( 'Super Girls' ) could not bear the pressures, nor could I. We made a legendary programme in Chinese TV production history, but now our audience are killing this programme which had been crazily supported by them ", said Hei Nan.)

2. The ratio between Chinese male and female is : 119.86 : 100;
(The data is from a white paper titled Gender Equality and Women's Development in China, issued by the All-China Women's Federation at a press conference in Beijing on August 24. The relevant data pulished includes: China has 6.09 million female college students, 42.27 million urban women workers, 13 million female CPC members and 368 female mayors.)

3. The system of selling non-subsidised houses in advance retained temporarily;

4. The new improved flu vaccine will be available next month;

5. Chinese and Russian troops launch an amphibious landing drill.

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