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Beijing Media Top Stories:today just repeats yesterday

Beijing Times' cover, features a picture of the Sino-Russian conducting maritime blockade drill.

There are no real news today, the top 3 stories are just the same or a bit development of yesterday's. They are:

1. The personal tax collection starting line to be lifted from 800 yuan (98.8 US dollars) to 1,500 yuan (185 US dollars);

2. Chinese and Russian troops participating in the joint military maneuver carries out a maritime blockade drill in the sea area of Chinese Shandong Peninsula;

3. Liu Limin, a policeman in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, who was accused of beating a Beijing policeman to death, admits guilt.

Another two new stories are:

4. The surface area of Beijing economical houses not allowed to over 117 square meters;

5. 48 people confirmed dead in Peruvian air crash.

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