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Bird flu and chicks in cages

To prevent avian flu, the WHO recommends keeping chicks in cages or indoors

It is always fun to compare the main headlines of Xinhua's Chinese and English websites. Today for example, the lead story in English shows foreigners just how seriously China is taking the threat of bird flu:

Bird flu: Beijing demands rapid response

Three hours. That's the maximum it should take for a bird-flu outbreak anywhere in the country to be reported to Beijing.

The exacting timeline is part of a contingency plan hammered out by the Ministry of Agriculture to counter possible outbreaks of the potentially-fatal influenza this autumn and winter.

Having alleviated the worries of the hypochondriac foreigners, Xinhua has different priorities for its Chinese readers. The main Chinese headline today is:

60th anniversary of Taiwan coming back to China — Jia Qingling makes important speech

Exciting stuff.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Bohai Sea in Seoul, a different set of avian worries has caused some young ladies in bikinis to perform what Xinhua calls a "nude protest" against KFC's treatment of chickens (pictured).

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