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Bottled blood

"Vampire" drink is the latest threat to Beijing's children.

"My blood proves the depth of my love." That's the slogan for "Vampire" (吸血鬼), a red-colored drink made from juice of American blood oranges.

Obviously targeted at the youth market, the drink is turning the stomachs of older shoppers. After encountering teenagers shouting at each other, "Ha ha ha! I'm a vampire! You'd better run," a reporter for the Beijing Daily Messenger poured out a glass, but found himself unable to drink it.

But it's not just the thought of drinking blood that has people worried. The same reporter quotes a Peking University sociology professor, who suggests that the name should be changed for the sake of the children:

Children first buy it because they think it's fun, but if things continue, the name will have a negative psychological influence. Because youth have not fully formed their outlook on life, the world, and values, this may turn their development in a harmful direction.

It's odd that Vampire is only now attracting attention in the capital. The Jilin-based company that produces the drink has been the subject of similar criticism in other markets, and Vampire was listed among the "Top Four Nauseating Brand-names" of 2004 by an online food-industry website.

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