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Brazilian beer ad in Chinese


Danwei's Brazilian correspondent IN Hsieh sends an audio clip of a Brazilian radio ad in Chinese for Kaiser beer and explains:

Kaiser is a Brazilian beer brand originally launched by a group of local Coca-Cola distributors and acquired by Canadian brewer Molson three years ago.

The most curious thing is that although this radio spot is in Chinese, it's targeted to a Brazilian audience. Actually it's the second or third part of a larger campaign named Vem, Kaiser, Vem (Come, Kaiser, Come). The Chinese version became Lai Kaiser Lai. Brazilians didn't understand anything, but found it very funny and could relate it to a previous spot with the same music and Portuguese lyrics.

The Chinese community here in Brazil is fairly small: about 200,000 people. It makes the Kaiser campaign even more interesting, as the Japanese and European communities are larger but didn't have their own versions of the ad.

Click here to listen to the Kaiser radio spot.

Links and Sources
  • Kaiser beer home page where you can also see a Chinese language TV commercial
  • Molson website
  • The image was taken from Kaiser's website, and shows a screenshot from the TV commercial
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