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CCTV and Fox launch boring website

Go Rupert go!
From CCTV's English website, found via Shanghai blog China Snippets:
CCTV International and formally launched an updated and revamped English website on Tuesday, at The newly designed website is expected to better serve Internet surfers, and also to help boost viewing figures for CCTV International's TV programs.

Three partners are jointly announcing the launch of CCTV International's new website. Collaborating with Fox Cable network and CCTV.COM, CCTV International hopes joint efforts will strengthen its image among current and potential viewers. And also to increase viewers for TV programs on CCTV International -- through the website...

...FOX Cable Networks offered help with the design of the new web-page. The company says this is only the beginning of cooperation between Fox and CCTV International. Fox says the new webpage provides a source for the world to get to know about China.

Perhaps Rupert Murdoch hasn't completely given up on China yet.

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Comments on CCTV and Fox launch boring website

In the CCTV9 report about the launch a Fox suit told Chinese viewers to "go to their computers now, log on and compare the CCTV website to (lists international broadcasters) and the BBC..."

Er, wouldn't that be nice - its blocked to all but those with a proxy server.

The fittingly named CCTV director, Sheng Yi LIE (sic) was also quoted as saying that "as most of our viewers are outside China". Really!?

just why on earth would still a company launch something not firefox-compatible? or was it just me? how exactly is cctv "better serving internet surfers"? do most surfers still only surf with IE?

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