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Chen Guanzhong online


Writer, publisher and film producer John Chan Koon Chung (陳冠中) has started a blog called chenguanzhong where he has uploaded some of his writings in English and Chinese.

The top post is currently the English version of a meditation on Beijing called Who Said You Have to Love Me. Here is a little taste of it:

Beijing is not unfamiliar with the culture of the intruders – the Qidans, the Jurchens, the Mongols, the Manchus, the Nationalists, the Japanese, the Communists, and now the new phalanges of economic migrants, from expatriates to new rich from the provinces to peasant laborers. It would be historically correct to say that barbarians built Beijing.

Chan was profiled on Danwei in 2004: People: Chan Koon-chung

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