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Some Western media stories about Chinese blogs:

Washington Post: Bloggers Who Pursue Change Confront Fear And Mistrust
The saga of Anti. (See also the related Washington Post story about Wikipedia Reference Tool On Web Finds Fans, Censors

Newsweek: Blogger Nation: A proliferation of voices is slowly dismantling the status quo in China
Blogs and freedom of expression.

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+ Culture and corporate propaganda in Soho Xiaobao (2007.11): Mid-2007 issues of Soho Xiaobao (SOHO小报), illustrating the complicated identity of in-house magazines run by real estate companies.
+ Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship (2010.03): Internet executives complain about excessive Net censorship at an officially sanctioned meeting in Shenzhen.
+ Crowd-sourced cheating on the 2010 gaokao (2010.06): A student in Sichuan seeks help with the ancient Chinese section of this year's college entrance exam -- while the test is going on!
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