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China Digital Times blocked

China Digital Times, the China news aggregator attached to the University of California, Berkeley, is blocked in China. So the Nanny does have her eye on English language websites after all.

Non-violent resistance, an English blog by someone who says he is a Chinese journalist, commented on the blocking and ponders the reason for nobody writing about it, in a post titled I Hate Punk Journalist-Bloggers

I was wondering why the news of China Digital Times getting blocked hasn't caused a big stir in the blogsphere, and I found out from China Herald and ESWN -- the obnoxious, audacious hoax by clowns like Massage Milk.

I am equally disgusted. From the fan comments at Massage Milk, I gather they are not quite as mad, which means these fans probably aren't journalists. I totally commiserate with victims like Reuters (although they are not blameless here), and I just hate people who mess with fellow journalists in such a very unprofessional way. Same reason I cussed Howard French.

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