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Chinese online celebrities: from doggy style to hibiscus hag


City Weekend, one of Beijing and Shanghai's free English magazines, just published a story about China's newest online celebrity, a girl who calls herself Furong Jiejie (芙蓉姐姐) or Hibiscus Older Sister (pictured). The China Daily immediately pirate-published the City Weekend story, ensuring a little English language fame for China's newest female blog star.

Furong Jiejie writes boring nonsense about herself and publishes photographs of herself in sexually assertive but unrevealing poses. It's difficult to understand why she has become a blog star: perhaps it's because while she is not very attractive, she often talks about her beauty, and poses for photos like a minx.

As happened with Mu Zimei (aka Muzi Mei) — the sex blogger who shot to overnight fame after describing publishing a dismissive story about a doggy style tryst with Guangzhou rocker Wang Lei — domain name pirates have registered many variations of Furong Jiejie and are using them to direct web surfers to websites which pretend to offer soft porn films for download (link below).

No matter what the reason for her popularity, Hibiscus Sister shot to the top of Baidu's ranking of searches on 'personalities' a few weeks ago, and she is still there. Here then, is Baidu's list of top ten most searched for personalities, and what a collection it is:

1. Furong Jiejie (芙蓉姐姐)
29,085 searches on Baidu today.

2. Liumang Yan 流氓燕
A middle aged blogger who published nude pictures of herself and advice on how to seduce men.

3. Mu Zimei 木子美
The longest-running Chinese sex blogger, now with a few books under her belt and still going strong — her latest blog post is about 'vaginal skills'.

4. Juhua Meimei 菊花妹妹
Juhua Meimei means Chrysanthemum Younger Sister. She seems to be a knockoff version of Hibiscus Older Sister.

5. Zhu Ying Qing Tong 竹影青瞳
This female blogger appeared during the height of Mu Zimei's fame: she was rumored to have published nude photos of herself on a website, causing a lot of online discussion even though no one seemed to have actually seen the photographs. Her current website is subtitled 'sexy life'.

6. Guo Jingming 郭敬明
Male hearthrob teen novelist.

7. Huang Xin 黄薪
An instant celebrity from China's recent 'Super Female Voice' competition (超级女声 — something like American Idol).

8 Mao Zedong 毛泽东
You may have heard of him.

9 Anni Baobei 安妮宝贝
Also known as Baby Anni and Anni Babe, she is a online novelist who writes about independent urban girls. She has published several books.

10. Song Ci 宋慈
A legendary Song Dynasty judge, currently featuring in popular TV drama Dasong Tixingguan.

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