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Daily roundup: Typhoons, taxis and MBA mistress management

Illegal guns in Beijing
Today sees the return of an old Danwei feature: summaries of news from Chinese newspapers and websites.

Today's Beijing News (新京报) leads with a story titled 'Beijing: proposal to reduce or eliminate management fees for taxi drivers'. There is a new plan to lower the financial burden on cabbies, who currently have to pay a management fee to the company that owns their cars.

In other news, typhoon Kaemi arrived in Fujian Province, 640,000 people were evacuated ahead of the storm's arrival. Back in Beijing, there is a report about 1,400 confiscated illegal guns being taken by the police to a special warehouse for storage. 30 police cars were used to transport the guns.

The Beijing Youth Daily (北京青年报) kicks of a series of special features today about the 30th anniversary of the Tangshan earthquake.

There seems to be a different focus on the Internet. On Sina, a top story concerned the death of a Chinese UN observer during Israeli bombing in Lebanon. Another top story was the announcement of punishments against match fixing in the Italian football league.

Sohu ran with an item about a foreigner -- an Italian woman -- who was murdered in Beijing two days ago. Her body was found close to Chaoyang Park (as reported in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica).

Sohu also featured a story titled 'Former vice secretary of Xuancheng managed his mistresses using MBA techniques'. For more on this story in English, see ESWN: MBA Techniques for Managing Mistresses.

Netease reported that a police officer spent RMB 200,000 on a bribe to buy a high position in the police department of Chengcheng in Shanxi Province.

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The more interesting question would be what exactly a Chinese "UN Observer" was doing in the middle of a battlefield, tracking the movements of the Israeli army. Officially, The UN does not have any Chinese regiments in Lebanon. Would be interesting to see how China reacts to this incident.

A few years ago, the Americans "accidentally" bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade that was also full of "Diplomats and Observers". Back then, the Chinese organized a series of demonstrations in front of the American Embassy in Beijing.

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