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Does anybody actually read Chinese glossy magazines?

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If you are ever visited by magazine advertising sales people in China, you will inevitably be subject to a boring PowerPoint presentation.

You will see many pie charts that demonstrate how many "white collars" and "gold collars" read the magazine, and graphs illustrating the different types of content in the magazine and how the content appeals to the usually fictional reader demographics.

But sometimes it seems that it does not matter what content is in the magazine: as long as it published with a free gift, sales will go up. This is a list of gifts that came with the March issues of a small selection of glossy magazines:

- Vogue offered readers a make-up mirror.
- Rolling Stone gave away a baseball cap
- Mingshi (Prestige) magazine included a replica antique snuff bottle
- Car and Driver offered a pillow that can be attached to a car seat
- Lady came with a scarf
- Marie Claire contained a photo frame

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