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The China Daily has published an opinion piece called A More Accessible Cyberspace. Here are some excerpts:

The new policy on Internet governance is making the Web community accessible. As an individual Internet user, I feel the process of China's website is going on the rails...

...It is a truth that, when so many people devote into the web, the wrong people among will do something wrong on the web. They post dirty words; attack dissidents in forums; spread unhealthy contents on the web. They block the Internet developing to be multilateral, transparent and democratic...

...If a school has a direct Internet connection, then anyone, including students, can access objectionable material...

...[T]here are many ways to effectively regulate certain parts of the Internet so that people will be less able to access objectionable material...

...The new Internet regulation would bring a better Internet that truly everyone will be able to use without the worry of social conflicts arising such as pornography, violence and explicit language.

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