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Filming underground Christians

As a half-Jewish atheist who grew up in apartheid South Africa, where Christianity was used to justify the most appalling acts and laws, your correspondent is not a big fan of the religion of Jesus, or any other religion.

Some people find China "lacking in spirituality", but I love the fact that nobody here thinks religion is special, or exempt from the standards by which we judge other belief systems and ideologies.

In most Western countries, including places like the U.K. where there are very few people of faith, religion is always accorded some special status that makes it more difficult to criticize, say, the Pope, or the local mullah, than any other political figure. The irreligious and areligious culture of China is fresh air to me, and I do not have much time for missionaries, Far Loon Goons, and other people who seek to introduce new religious ideas to this country.

Yet, I admire anyone who is willing to stick it to the Man in difficult circumstances, and that can sometimes include "underground" Christians. And I have a real admiration for gay atheist Chinese guys who try to make documentary films about underground Christians in Beijing. Nice one.

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