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Heckled Hu

Crazy Far Loon woman
If you've been watching CCTV, you won't have seen the footage of Hu Jintao being heckled at the White House while he standing next to George W and speaking about China's peaceful rise etc.

However, this is 2006, and geeks are large and in charge: somebody has uploaded the CNN coverage of heckled Hu to Youtube, here: Hu heckled.

CCTV was apparently broadcasting Hu's speech live: were any Danwei readers watching? What did they broadcast during the heckle? Please tell us in the comments if you were watching CCTV at the time.

Hong Kong's "most obnoxious expatriate" Hemlock had this to say about the heckling incident:

Why did the US Government give press accreditation to the Epoch Times, let alone Dr Wenyi Wang [the heckler], to attend President Hu Jintao’s speech yesterday on the White House lawn?

American officials must know that the newspaper is a Far Loon Goon front. They must know that Wang has a history of picketing consulates, asking anti-communist questions in press conferences and protesting against Beijing for harvesting organs from fellow disciples in prison camps and for canceling her passport. They must have known that she would take the priceless opportunity to go into hysterics during Hu’s proudest moment.

They let her in deliberately.

The only alternative explanation is an unbelievable degree of negligence. And why not? Limp-wristed, namby-pamby State Department protocol experts wouldn’t let George W Bush shriek “Hu, your days are numbered!” to the Chinese leader’s face himself. So this was the next best thing. And who better to do it than one of the demented followers of Law Wheel Qigong?

Hemlock is hosted on Geocities, which is blocked in mainland China. Click on this link if you are within the clammy embrace of the Nanny. If your online life is unaffected by the Nanny, click here. There is more about the affair on ESWN: The Wang Wenyi Photos.

There is more on Chinese reactions to the Hu visit on Imagethief, who appears to have had a day or two of blogging hyperactivity: Q: What do my Chinese colleagues think of Bush + Hu?. And Shanghainese blogger Bingfeng is Disappointed with GW's welcome speech .

UPDATE: The comments are closed on this post. Blame it on a lunatic troll whose ravings have been deleted. See, Danwei can excercize self-discipline. Long live the Eight Honors! Down with the Eight Shames!

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Comments on Heckled Hu

Thanks v much for posting the CNN footage of the Hu heckler. Marvelously refreshing. And a marvelous, brave woman who sounded like a scolding grandmother ("Hu, what have I told you about torturing those religious fools! And you come in now for your bath. Tea is on the table and I need to cut your toenails as it's school tomorrow. And what have I said about hanging out with that incompetent American gangster family. They lower the tone of the dan wei").

And I think the camera man who occasionally rested a comforting hand on her shoulder and seemed to whisper encouragement in her ear should be given an Outstanding Contribution award. I normally have CCTV9 on to entertain my gold fish but it died of boredom during Monday's Dialogue - my eight fish death since.
Keep up the nice work.

Are you nuts man? You are going to get blocked.

In fact,CCTV has hardly broadcasted Hu's speech live.In the mainland of China,I can only watch this speech on phoenix TV and dragon TV(Shanghai),Maybe they just focus on Hu or turn to the TV studio during this special time.see the Comments on this page:
And Hu's speech in Yale,also see the Comments:

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